Invoice Templates for Word and Excel

Whether you’ve just launched your business or are experiencing quick growth, at some point you might realize that you’ll need to start issuing invoices.

There are several options available for business owners when it comes to creating invoices. Many turn to Word or Excel invoice templates to create their first invoice, but others might look for an all-in-one invoicing software, such as SumUp Invoices.

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No matter how your business decides to create invoices, it’s important to understand all of the details that are required for each document. If you’re looking for a simple place to start, we’ve provided free PDF, Word, and Excel invoice templates ready to download below. 

But first, let’s start with the basics behind creating an invoice template:

About invoice templates for Word and Excel

Invoice templates lay the groundwork for your invoicing. They’re a starting point that need to be modified to suit not only your business but also each sale. Invoices serve as a main means of communication and are therefore also a great place to include branding. You can include your business logo, payment terms, additional notes to the customer, and more.

There may be different requirements depending on your business structure. For example, a freelancer may not need to include a tax number, whereas in some situations an LLC might need to add their Employer Identification Number (EIN).

Sample invoice template for freelancers

For freelancers in the US, the requirements for invoices might not be as strict as in other countries, but there’s still a clear list of necessary details that must be included on a valid invoice, including:

  • A clear title of ‘Invoice’

  • A unique invoice number

  • Your business and customer’s name and address

  • Date the invoice is issued

  • Due date for payment

  • A description of the products or services provided

  • The quantity and price of the products or services

  • Delivery date for the products or services

  • Total amount to be paid

We’ve included an example of an invoice created with SumUp Invoices below. Invoicing software like SumUp Invoices ensures that all the necessary fields are filled in, and helps automate some of the calculations:

Invoice templates in Word

Microsoft Word is another popular option for creating invoices, and it’s a great starting place for first-time businesses who need to work with a basic invoice template first. Many people already have experience creating and editing documents in Word, so it’s a natural first choice for anyone who wants to create simple invoices. Templates can be edited and sent online, or printed out and filled in by hand.

We’ve included an easy Word invoice template here for you to download and modify with your own business details and information about your sale. Keep in mind that with these templates, the calculations are not updated automatically, but there’s more room for customization than with an Excel invoice template.

Download Word invoice template (no tax)

Download Word invoice template (tax)

Invoice template in Excel

Excel invoice templates are another easy way to fill in the details of an invoice. The spreadsheet format not only helps clearly define the different fields, but the built in features of Excel mean that you can make use of automatic calculations for prices, taxes, and more.

We’ve also set up an Excel invoice template for you to download and customize for your business and sales. Note that although the numbers are set up to calculate automatically, it’s still best to double check each time. There are two tabs in the file, one for tax invoices, and another for non-tax invoices

Download Excel invoice templates

PDF invoice templates

If you’d rather print off a formatted page that you can then update by hand, PDF invoice templates are a great option. However, there isn’t as much freedom to customize PDF documents in general, so they’re typically not preferable over Word or Excel invoice templates.

In any case, we’ve also set up PDF invoice templates available for free to download, print, and update for your sales. We have provided one template including tax, and another excluding tax.

Download PDF invoice template (no tax)

Download PDF invoice template (tax)

Software for invoice templates

The invoice templates that you’ll find in invoicing software are not unlike those you’re used to seeing in Word and Excel. With SumUp Invoices, there’s an invoice builder that automatically provides you with the necessary fields to fill in for each invoice, even automating some of the crucial ones such as date, invoice number, and your business details to save you some time when filling in required information.

You can access SumUp Invoices to create and manage invoices for your business from your smartphone, tablet or computer. As cloud-based software, it ensures that you can stay on top of finances from anywhere.

The professional invoice templates help you adhere to local regulations, avoid mistakes, save time on creating invoices and even accept online payment from customers. SumUp Invoices help you keep track of your sales, payments, and even gives you the option of issuing credit notes for canceled sales.

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