Invoice Templates for Cleaning Services

Choosing a simple invoice template for your cleaning business is important. It means that you can spend less time on paperwork and more time growing your business. 

Invoicing can be made simpler with a premade invoice template, or by using invoicing software, such as SumUp Invoices. 

This article outlines what needs to be included on a cleaning invoice and how you can create one quickly. Free Microsoft Word and Excel invoice templates are also available for download.

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What is a cleaning invoice used for?

An invoice is a legal document used to request payment from a customer. Not only do invoices help you get paid, but they also help you keep complete records of your business. This is important for tax and accounting purposes to make sure your accounts are correct.

Invoicing can also help your business ensure that no payments are missed and help you easily identify which sales require more attention. Plus, you can set up your invoicing in a way that controls your cash flow so you always have a steady income. 

What does a cleaning invoice template need?

A cleaning invoice should clearly state the products or services that were provided. This will reduce any misunderstandings with your customers and help you to receive timely payments. 

Because invoices are a legal request for payment, they require certain fields, including:

  • The title “Invoice”

  • An invoice number

  • The invoice issue date and due date

  • Your business’s name and address

  • Your customer’s name and address

  • A detailed description of the product(s) or service(s) being sold

  • The price and quantity of each item 

  • Sales tax (if applicable)

  • The total amount due

Although not mandatory, you may also consider adding your preferred payment method and any payment terms, including late fees and discounts

Market your cleaning business with your invoices

Invoices need to include the mandatory fields, but they don’t have to be boring! You can customize your invoices with your logo, images, and social media pages to make your business recognizable and set you apart from your competitors. 

Cleaning invoice example

Below is a sample cleaning invoice created with SumUp Invoices. We’ve included a logo, an online payment link, payment terms, and all of the mandatory invoice fields. 

Download Word and Excel invoice templates

Many small businesses use Word and Excel to create their invoices. These programs are easy to use, widely available, and a good choice if you issue invoices occasionally. 

However, Word and Excel are not specifically designed for invoicing and don’t automatically update with any new invoicing regulations or sales tax rates. For that reason, we recommend that you try invoicing software if you issue several invoices per month. 

Nonetheless, we have provided free Word and Excel invoice templates for you to download. The Excel file contains two tabs – one for tax invoices and one for non-tax invoices. The Excel templates already include formulas so that your totals add up automatically. 

Word doesn’t offer automation with formulas, so you’ll need to calculate these manually. With all of the templates, you can customize the document with your logo, business information, and bank account details for bank transfers. 

Download Word invoice template (no tax)

Download Word invoice template (tax)

Download Excel invoice templates

Invoicing software for cleaning companies

Looking for a simple way to invoice for your cleaning services? SumUp Invoices is online software that helps you create invoices. With our premade template, you can create your first invoice in under 1 minute!

The software not only helps you to create invoices, but it also helps you get paid faster. You can include a payment link directly to your invoices so your customers can pay online, or enter your bank details to receive bank transfers. 

Start by importing your customer and service list so you can enter the invoice fields instantly. Then, you can issue the invoice directly to your customer's email and have them pay online. It’s as simple as that! 

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