Introducing the SumUp Technology Blog

Welcome to the SumUp technology blog

I'm really excited to announce the SumUp technology blog. It's been a labor of love over the past few months, and is meant as a way to bring the story of technology at SumUp into the spotlight. Before we dive into the technical topics, here's a bit about us and why what we're doing matters.

Who we are

SumUp is a startup in the fintech space with major hubs in Berlin, Sofia, and São Paulo. Our goal is to make paying by card as fast and as easy as cash — and what we're actually building is the world's leading payments ecosystem. Today, hundreds of thousands of small businesses in over 30 countries around the world rely on SumUp to get paid. In addition to our original hardware, mobile and web apps we have gone on to develop a suite of APIs and SDKs to integrate SumUp payment into other apps and services.

While payments might not sound like the sexiest tech at first blush, there are a ton of challenges that are unique to this domain. Hardware, security, compliance, performance, scalability: when you're on a mission to take over the world, each of these areas takes on a new level of complexity.

What you can expect to learn about

Our tech domain touches almost every area you can imagine. Here are just a few concrete topics that make technology at SumUp both unique and interesting (and worth blogging about):

  • What it takes to create hardware that's delivered into the hands of over 10,000 merchants every single week

  • How we doubled our footprint from 16 to 32 countries at once and became the mobile Point of Sale player in the most markets globally

  • How our distributed tech team works along product and technical axes

  • What drives our team to build an amazing product founded on technical excellence

Let's do this.

Monica Lent

Monica LentMonica Lent is the Frontend team lead at SumUp. You can follow her on twitter @monicalent.