Ordered from Amazon? Here are your next steps

Create a SumUp Account to start accepting payments on your device

Create a free SumUp Account

Sign Up. Unbox. Get paid!

Now that you have your SumUp Card Reader from Amazon in hand, there are a few important steps to take before you can start using your device.

Step 1 - Create an account

Before you can accept any payments on your SumUp device, you’ll need to create a SumUp Account at me.sumup.com or on the free SumUp App. (Even if you don’t need to use your reader right away, creating an account now will ensure your device is able to take payments when you do need it!)

If you already have a SumUp Account, move on to Step 2. You won’t need more than one account, even if you have multiple devices.

Once you fill out your personal and business information, our team can then review and process your account. If we need any additional information from you, we’ll reach out via email.

Step 2 - Unbox your device

Once your SumUp Account is processed by our team, you can unbox your reader and follow the instructions inside the box to get started. Don’t forget to take a successful test transaction!

Step 3 - Accept payments

Once your account is processed and you’ve taken a successful test transaction, you’re officially ready to start accepting payments! 

If you have any questions about this process or about your device, our US-based Support Team is here to help. You can also find helpful setup guides and troubleshooting tips in our Help Center.

We’re big believers in small business

SumUp devices were created with one thing in mind—you. Every day, millions of businesses just like yours rely on SumUp to get paid.

No matter where you buy your card reader—in store, online from Amazon, or directly from the SumUp Shop—our team will be with you the rest of the way. With SumUp Card Readers, you can create the ideal checkout experience for your customers without overpaying for payment processing. It’s a win-win.

Questions about your SumUp Card Reader? We’ve got you covered.