Your customer pays independently with their phone. You just name the amount.


Position your QR codes on the counter, in the waiting area or on tables.

No app. No account.

Your customer does not need an app or account to pay.


per transaction

Supported card schemes

Scan to pay

How do payments via QR code work?


Your customer uses their phone to scan the QR code.


A website opens up on which your customer enters the payment amount and their card information.


The customer shows you the success screen to confirm the payment. Alternative you can verify the payment in the sales history of your SumUp app. 

How to setup a QR code


Go to the QR Codes section in the More tab of the SumUp app. Click "Create QR code".

Enter details

Give your QR code a name and a description. Click "Save".

Share or print

Click on the QR code you just created and choose one of the sharing or printing options.