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Build the perfect setup

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Kit out your workspace with POS hardware you can rely on, with the option to add as you grow.

iPad and stand

Choose the right-sized tablet for you, whether it’s an iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro. Set up a slick iPad stand on your counter, or leave it out if you’ll be more on the move.

All the hardware you need

SumUp Air card reader

Connect your SumUp card reader to your POS system so that all transactions are seamlessly synced. Fit the Air in your pocket and accept every payment type while on the go.

Discover SumUp card readers

Cash drawer

Have a safe and secure place to store all of your funds, with your till opening automatically every time you trigger a cash payment via your POS system.


Print customer receipts and order tickets with your own logo whenever you need them and personalise the settings of your device. Add as many printers to your setup as you need.

Barcode scanner

Scan your items easily with a barcode scanner that connects to your POS system and speeds up checkout for your employees and your customers.

The SumUp ecosystem

SumUp provides businesses with a range of tools that support their growth.

With SumUp, you can sell online, manage your money and get paid the way you want.

Give it a go

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