Step 6: Set up your card reader and printer

Press play on the video below and start setting up your SumUp Air card reader and your printer.

Connecting your printer

  1. Switch the printer on and check for a consistent blue light.

  2. Open the SumUp POS app and go to  Settings ⚙️ > Devices.

  3. You should see your printer under ‘Detected Printers’.

  4. If your printer is not showing, check all cables and select > Refresh Printers

  5. Once your printer appears, select > Connect.

  6. Tap on the Role to assign the Till Role to the printer, Drinks ,Kitchen etc.

Select > Print test to make sure that it is correctly connected. If it is, it will print a test ticket.

All done? You can go ahead and do a final check on your POS system.

To the final check →