Setting up an online store is simple with the right tools. The SumUp Online Store make it easy to add items, set shipping methods and more.
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How to create and publish your website

Congratulations on choosing to create a website SumUp. You’ve taken an important step towards building your online presence and we want to help you at every step in your journey. This guide will show several ways to make designing and publishing your website a success.

Complete the setup guide

The setup guide makes it easy to get your store up and running. To complete it, all you need to do is:

  • Add a headline and description

  • Add one or more images

  • Check your web address

  • Update the layout as you prefer

  • Press publish

And that’s it. You'll find the setup guide at the top of the overview page, so you won’t miss it.

Step into your readers’ shoes

Now that you’ve finished the setup guide and added a template, it’s a good time to test the reading experience yourself. This gives you a chance to go through the website and look for something you may have missed.

Is there anything you'd like to change? Are there sections or pages that need to be added? How does it look on desktop versus mobile? Once you're happy with the setup, you're ready to apply the changes.

Get the word out

It’s now time to let people know your website is published. Channels you may want to use to promote the website include:

  • Social media

  • An email list

  • Paid advertising

Why not also spread the word among friends and family? This can help raise awareness of your website through their networks as well. This can leverage a larger audience than just on your own.

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