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Choosing the right name for your website

The domain name is a small component of your website, but an important one to get right. A good name is catchy, easy to remember and lets visitors know what to expect when they arrive.

How do you strike the right balance though? Simple isn't always memorable, and vice versa. The names of many successful websites and businesses are often short and direct (such as IKEA, Nike and Uber). We’ve put together a list of tips to help guide you through this process.

Convey meaning

Your website's name should not only tell customers what you write about, but also hint at what makes you stand out. Is there something unique about your content that competitors don’t have? Try to find a way to get that into your name.

For example, Death Wish Coffee sells, as the name implies, some of the strongest coffee out there. And the fitness company Gymshark is similarly clear about what they sell – workout gear – while associating themselves (and their customers) with strength by using the word ‘shark’.

Popular blogs use clear, memorable names that are also easy to pronounce. A few examples to draw inspiration from include Gizmodo, Apartment Therapy and Lifehacker.

Be memorable

A brand name that people will remember should be enduring, since it takes an average of 7 views for viewers to memorise it. To help your name stand out, you should:

  • Keep it short: Some of the best names are only a few syllables long, if that. Fusing two shorter words together (like HelloFresh or Facebook) and making up a word (like Google or eBay) are good ways to do this.

  • Use alliteration: Word pairings that start with the same letter automatically become snappier (like Best Buy or Shake Shack), and make it easier to remember your name.

  • Be distinct: Look at the competitor names and pay attention to the words they use, then try to come up with different ones. For example, instead of HelloFresh, which already exists, a good name for a meal prep service might be ReadyNow.

Use a domain name generator

If you’re stuck or need to spark your creativity, don’t be afraid to use a domain name generator. These let you type in a word or two and come back with endless options that include what you typed. A few good domain name generators are:

  • DomainWheel

  • Nameboy

  • Namelix

The names you’ll find range from the classic and straightforward to cleverer and more abstract. You may not end up using any of them, but they’ll be invaluable in narrowing down your search.

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