The SumUp Online Store has been refit and relaunched.

Sell online for free with the SumUp Online Store

Starting your own online business is hard work – sourcing items, designing your storefront, marketing the launch...the list goes on. But that’s about to change.

We’ve completely rebuilt and redesigned the SumUp Online Store. That means you can create a store, add items and start selling online – all within minutes.

The new SumUp Online Store is available today. It’s now easier than ever to start an online business. No need to pay a web designer, no technical skills required. No fuss. Get ready to sell anything to everyone.

It’s also completely free to get started. Create a SumUp profile now to create your online store.

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New online store features

We've worked hard to build tools that make it easier for you to start an e-commerce website that helps your customers buy items without any friction. New online store features include:

  • Redesigned item catalogue with automatic syncing

  • Sales overview in the dashboard

  • Quick access to store performance reports

  • New themes and a redesigned storefront

  • Flexible shipping methods

It’s easier than ever to improve your store, track performance and sell items to more customers.

Benefits of selling online

Remember the days when we did everything on desktop computers? It’s like how retail has always been done in physical stores, but seems outdated in the mobile era.

As we now spend more time on smartphones than desktops, global e-commerce has been growing at an astounding rate.

It’s no longer a question of whether you want to sell online – it’s a question of how you’ll do it. Benefits of e-commerce include:

  • Low costs

  • Faster way to sell

  • Quick setup

  • Affordable advertising

  • Global reach

Getting your first sale

As part of the revamp, we’ve also built a Setup Guide and Quick Tutorials directly in the Online Store dashboard. Use the Setup Guide to easily add items, edit your store’s theme and add shipping methods.

Quick Tutorials are there to help you get the most out of your store. Learn the basics of launching your store, acing product photography, writing product descriptions and attracting more customers.

Want to check it out? Create a SumUp profile now and then click on ‘Online Store’ in the navigation bar. Already logged in? Then head directly to the Online Store overview page to start.

Using your smartphone? Then get the SumUp App for iOS or on Android and create your profile to get started.

SumUp Team