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5 reasons to relaunch your business with Payment Links

How are small businesses reacting?

There are many businesses that have had to reinvent themselves in order to maintain bringing in a steady income during this period. Many have moved to online sales, others have focused more on home deliveries.

Small businesses are always looking for practical and fast solutions such as digital payments, which today more than ever present a fundamental help for this sector.

From contactless to mobile

Whether it's shopping or ordering a pizza at home, customers increasingly prefer digital payment. Current prevention regulations aim to reduce cash and encourage payment by card, which is considered more hygienic and safer.

As a merchant or freelancer, encouraging and being able to offer different payment solutions is definitely an advantage. This is why we at SumUp are committed to ensuring that card payments can be accepted without stress, both for those behind and in front of the counter.

What are the benefits of contactless payments?

Contactless payments are not only simple, but they’re also fast, allowing you to reduce your checkout time. In this period, contactless payment options are becoming increasingly popular because they guarantee the necessary distance between cashier and customer and are an excellent alternative to handling physical money.

Thanks to contactless payments, in fact, you can process a transaction by simply placing the card on the device, which very often is addressed directly to the customer, who carries out the transaction in total autonomy.

Want to be even safer? Discover Payment Links

In addition to contactless, SumUp has also added Payment Links to its range of services, which allows merchants to accept payments completely remotely and safely in just a few clicks.

With Payment Links you can carry out transactions directly from your smartphone. From the SumUp app, all you need to do is type in the total amount to be paid and select this payment method (via mobile device) when you make your purchase*.

This mode is a great alternative to the classic payment method because it allows you to transact without the need for physical contact or social interaction.

*Please note that the enabling of this service must be approved by our team.

 For example...

You can use this mode in all cases where the customer cannot make a physical transaction or you simply want to opt for a safe and distant payment. This is perfect for those who receive orders or who deliver their products at home and want to avoid the exchange of money.

Thanks to the payment link, your customers can pay you at any time and comfortably from home. You can share the link as you prefer: SMS, Whatsapp, Messenger, email.

How do you receive the money?

Once the payment link from the app is shared for free, your customer will be redirected to a secure page where they will enter their card details and confirm the transaction.

The approved transaction will be credited directly to your profile and will be available in your SumUp transaction history.

Payment Links are the perfect solution for all those activities that need to receive payments easily and securely, both for merchants and their customers. It is an additional payment service that makes life easier for many small businesses that need to collect payments remotely.

Want to take payment before delivery? No problem

In this period there are many activities that have moved to home deliveries; from shopping and takeaway dinners to books and fitness equipment. Purchases continue to hold out and therefore even small businesses have had to adapt, thanks in part to the new payment technology.

Payment Links are a solution that guarantees security and convenience during the payment experience for those who work and those who buy. Thanks to Payment Links, your customers can pay you from the comfort of their own home, easily:

  1. Receive the order

  2. Share the link

  3. Carefree delivery

Learn more

1. The benefits of an online store without the setup

You don't need an e-commerce site to use Payment Links. Simply sign in to the app, send the link to your customer and cash out immediately, stress-free.

2. More channels to sell on means more revenue

Offering your customers different payment methods increases your business revenue. Today's digital payments are more convenient and faster, greatly improving the payment experience for everyone.

3. Unprecedented security

Contrary to what you might think, smartphone payments follow and respect the highest security standards, adopting security protocols provided by international legislators.

4. They make your life easier

You can accept payment in a few clicks at any time, worry-free. Select the amount, generate the link, receive the money in your profile. Convenient not only for you, but also for your customers.

5. In line with current distancing advice

Purely online, this mode respects the rules of social distancing. Nowadays, it’s worth not only satisfying your customers, but also encouraging them to reduce cash use as much as possible.

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