Sharon, PR & Communications

Meet Sharon, a SumUp employee working in PR and communications at our Amsterdam office. When she visited Berlin last month, we interviewed her and had a brief photoshoot in the rain. Thanks, Sharon!

Are you a regular somewhere? Why?

“I often go to a small lunchroom in the east of Amsterdam, where my sister works. There’s no better way to start my weekend than with a fresh juice and sandwich from Helena Primakoff. A close second is Loetje, a restaurant that’s famous for their steak. I often try to come up with something new, but when family is over or when I have something to celebrate, I somehow always end up there… Absolutely the best steak I’ve ever had.”

Why do you like working at SumUp?

“I believe we have a very nice product to sell. It’s really a great thing that we can help our merchants to grow their company and I’m happy to be a part of that.”

Cupcakes or donuts?

“Cupcakes, with sprinkles.”

Describe what you do at SumUp.

“I’m the PR and Communications Manager for the Netherlands and Belgium. This means I’m responsible for all internal and external communications. This is really a broad range of things, from manuals to social media, from mailings to every single word on the website. I’m also responsible for press releases and for getting SumUp more known every day.”

What do you like about being a PR & Communications manager?

“I like the diversity of my job, no day is the same. I communicate with people from several nationalities and really learned how to express myself.”

What’s your favourite thing about Amsterdam?

“In Amsterdam, we literally have everything. I love how there’s always something to do, and how new places to eat or have a drink at keep popping up. Amsterdam is at its best in the summertime, when all the terraces and parks are full and you can cycle through the Vondelpark.”

Give us one fun fact about yourself.

“I’m really a history nerd: I love to dive into a topic and read everything there is about it.”

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