How to Design Your Salon’s Autumn Loyalty Scheme

Beauticians and hairstylists help people present themselves in a way that reflects their personality, which makes communication and understanding an essential part of salon services. It’s no surprise then that salons enjoy some of the most loyal clients imaginable. Beyond providing excellent service, loyalty programmes help to further incentivize your customers to book with you. With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s a great time to think about designing (or re-designing) your loyalty scheme. Here are a few different approaches for you and your salon:

10% Discount

A great way to boost your customer base is by offering a discount to groups. Ensure they contain enough members to warrant a discount e.g. companies, students, yoga studio members, etc. Furthermore, you can offer a modest discount, such as 10%, to customers who have spent over €100 in your salon, for example.

How your loyalty scheme is branded is also of importance. Create an eye-catching card or key fob that your customers can keep on them. It might just be the conversation starter that leads to your next customer acquisition.

Specify how the discount is to be used. Don’t allow it to be combined with additional promotions, and ensure that it cannot be used on non-standard salon services and products.


Acquire new clients with customer referrals. People who have been referred are also generally more loyal as they already have a positive impression of your business via their friend or family member’s personal endorsement. Incentivize your customers to recommend your salon with a refer-a-friend scheme. For example, those who refer a friend who successfully books—and keeps—an appointment can earn 20% off their next treatment.


You can further segment your loyal customers based on how frequently they visit your business. E.g. for €150 a year, customers can purchase VIP access to your salon, which gives them special perks. These can be decided based on your business’ brand identity, services and resources. But, as an example, their VIP membership can guarantee 20% off all standard salon services and products as well as surprises, like free samples, invitations to special events, etc.

10% discounts, refer-a-friend programmes and VIP passes are great ways to increase both acquisition and retention, thereby keeping your diary full. It’s very important to keep track of who your loyal customers are, especially as they may lose their loyalty card, for example. Digitize all relevant information in a secure database: the name, contact information and membership details of your customers.

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Christine Lariviere