SumUp Pay.

Do more with your money.

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Add code BONUS10 after signing up to get up to £10 off at a SumUp merchant.


Borrowed money for an end of night kebab? Gone halves on a mildly inappropriate gift for a friend’s birthday? Make sure your mates get their money back with SumUp Pay.


Pay your favourite SumUp merchants in a jiffy and zoom through checkout everywhere else with the Apple Pay and Google Pay enabled SumUp Pay Card.


Imagine being rewarded just for spending money. You don’t have to, because we’re doing exactly that – turning your purchases into future treats and savings.

SumUp Pay might be a digital wallet. But it's also vintage store treasure hunts, cheese from the local market, and drinks at that cute place on the corner.

What else can I do with SumUp Pay?

View transaction history

Purchases, transfers, top-ups and withdrawals – all tracked in one place.

Control your balance

Top up using a saved card or via bank transfer and withdraw funds at any time.

SumUp Pay Card

Spend your balance and earn points anywhere with our free virtual Mastercard.

It couldn't be easier to get started

1. Sign up

Create your profile by entering your details and completing the identity verification process.

2. Add a card

Make sure to enter your details correctly. You'll have to do this before you can make any payments.

3. Start transacting

You're all set! You can now pay your favourite SumUp merchants and send or receive money instantly.

Download SumUp Pay

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