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More than a card reader

With SumUp you also have access to invoicing, payment by link, gift cards & much more!

One fee per transaction. Any card.

Accept all debit and credit cards at no extra cost.


Transakční poplatek

Discover all the other functionalities included in your SumUp account


Create professional invoices in a few clicks and share them with your clients via email.

Whether you’re offering home delivery or selling on social media, we can help you get paid securely.

Gift card

Create prepaid vouchers from within the app to sell to your customers via social media, text message or WhatsApp.

Business Account

No more waiting to get paid. Make a sale with SumUp and access the money the next day on your free SumUp Card, even on weekends and bank holidays. Access your money in a day and spend it instantly on your business wherever Mastercard is accepted.

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