SumUp Air Card Reader

Increase your church income by accepting card payments today

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0 € monthly fixed costs

Pay per transaction, with no monthly fees.

Virtual Terminal/SMS Payments

Accept payments over the phone or without the SumUp reader for just 2.45% per transaction

Keen Support

Questions? We've got the answers! Mon-Fri from 9:00am-6pm: +44 203 510 0125 - Email: [email protected]

29 €

Prezzo dispositivo

29 €

Prezzo dispositivo



Connetti il Lettore di Carte SumUp via Bluetooth alla App gratuita sul tuo smartphone o tablet e accetta pagamenti con carta dai tuoi clienti.

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Fast payouts

in 1-2 business days. Direct to your bank account.

Secure payments

Fully PCI-compliant solutions and EMV certified hardware.

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