Your Christmas Market Stalls

We‘re honored so many of you use SumUp to increase your sales during Christmastime, especially at markets and special events. Here’s a festive roundup of user-submitted quotes and photos.

“People buy lots at Christmas and the closer it gets, the more impulsive it is… so if you can take card payments, you don't lose a single sale... advertising stickers included too… what's not to like. Love my Sum Up." - Elaine Marshall Cummins, Marshall Made It!

“It's so handy being able to take card payments at fairs. Not many people carry cash now and if you take cards, they can buy there rather than say they'll come back when they get cash, and more often they don't get the chance to come back! Sale lost!” - Liz Bermingham, LJB Wellness

“I am using my new SumUp reader for a Christmas Open House in Brighton. I am selling my paintings and my three daughters are making cards, prints and notebooks.” – Geoff Hands, Geoff Hands Fine Art

“My number one Christmas market tip is to accept card payments! Since I've been working with SumUp, I’ve increased my sales by more than 30%.” – Nadia König, NK Designs

Photo by Kreisdesign.

Photo by Chez Juliet’.

"Sumup really is a great product for someone like me, who is currently operating a temporary shop, and will soon be selling at Christmas markets as well as privately. It’s an easy-to-use product, customers favour it, and I love it myself. Moreover, the transaction fees aren’t too high, which enables me to offer an alternate form of payment to customers who don’t always have cheques or cash on them. It’s an indispensable tool for those starting a small business or who already have one. When it comes to my shop, it’s a fact that, since I purchased the card reader, I no longer miss out on a sale. Once more, thank-you for the solution.” - Sophie Delorme Vulliez, Biscotte au Chocolat

Photo by Mademoiselle Loyal.

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