Top 3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues

Organizing a staff gift exchange is a great way to infuse your business with the joy of the season. A traditional approach is to have each employee choose a name from a hat; they are then “Secret Santa” to that co-worker. Adding a spending limit of e.g. €20 will keep the exchange lighthearted and affordable for everyone.

Choosing a fun yet appropriate present for a colleague may be a challenge—we’re here to help. Here are our top three selections for gifts to give ayour workplace.

1. Coffee, coffee, coffee

One thing many staff members can agree on is the importance of their morning cup of coffee. Get your co-worker or employee a coffee themed gift basket: a bag of ground coffee, a festive mug and vouchers for their favorite café. A desktop mug warmer is a fun and quirky choice.

Additionally, this gift concept is easily applicable to tea lovers. Hot chocolate is another option.

2. Books

A book is a wonderful present for a co-worker or employee who you have a closer relationship with. Choose a book that’s newly released, or an older book that is a bit more obscure. This will reduce the likelihood they already own a copy.

Still having trouble choosing? If you’re already aware of some books they own and love, simply search these titles in Amazon. The website’s algorithm will reveal books that customers have purchased alongside it, hinting at what other books this staff member might like.

Another approach is to visit your local bookstore. Experienced staff members will ask you some questions about the recipient’s personality and from that, they can make excellent suggestions. Additionally, bookstores often have a Christmas display with staff selections.

Not a fan of books? No problem. Films and music albums also make great gifts.

3. Go festive

A classic choice is to follow a festive theme, which also gives you some room for creativity and variety. Here’s what we would put in a Christmas gift basket: cinnamon scented candles, chocolates, shortbread cookies, and tree ornaments. Add some humor with a pair of printed Christmas socks.

One last tip: put some personality into it. Personalised touches are memorable and show others that you’ve spent time making their gift special. Consider enclosing handmade crafts, like paper ornaments. A staff gift exchange also presents a great opportunity for you to tell someone how much you enjoy working with them: include a sincere note with your present.

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Christine Lariviere