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How to sell online without a website

You don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy (or have a best friend who happens to be a web designer) to start selling online. In fact, you don’t need a website at all. You can reach customers and make sales through your social media accounts – and get paid using SumUp Payment Links. 

With the average internet user clocking up about 2 hours and 24 minutes on social media each day, there’s huge potential for businesses to sell via social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram. And with more digital buyers seeking out some online retail therapy every year, there’s never been a better time to take your business online.

No website? No problem

Selling online is a great way to establish your brand and get your products to a larger audience. If you don’t want to set up a website or online store, then social media selling might be the perfect solution for your business. 

What are the benefits of selling via social media?

  • Save time: you don’t need to spend time creating a website, adding inventory or worrying about how to implement a payment gateway

  • Keep costs down: you won’t have any ongoing fees for things like domains or hosting

  • Simple payment: you can accept easy online payments using Payment Links

How do I start selling on social media?

It’s easier than you might think – and it can all be done from your smart device. All you need is a social media account and the SumUp app. 

To get started, just post photos of a product to your page and use the caption to tell customers about the product and let them know how they can get in touch to make a purchase.

When you get an order, you can generate a payment link using the SumUp App and send it to your customer via your chosen platform. Then all that’s left to do is send the goods.

Just open the SumUp app, enter the amount you’d like to charge and select ‘Payment Links’ as the payment method – then simply share the link with your customer.

How does it work for my customers?

Your customers don’t need to sign up for anything or download an app – they’re taken to a secure website where they can enter their details and complete the payment. 

You can keep tabs on all of your links in the ‘Payment Links’ section of the SumUp App. It’ll show you whether a link has been paid or is outstanding. If you’re still waiting on payment, you can resend the link to remind your customer to pay. 

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed contracts or monthly costs. You just pay a small fee for each successful transaction. The process is simple and seamless – for you and your customer.

Tips for selling on social media

So, we’ve covered the basics: you know how to start selling online without a website and how to use payment links. But how do you craft the perfect social media post to turn loyal followers and passing scrollers into potential customers? Here are our top 5 tips. 

Use high-quality images

You don’t have to be a pro photographer to take great pictures; a smartphone camera is all you need to get started. Take advantage of natural light and keep it simple and uncluttered. You could always take some style inspiration from other brands you admire. 

Know your audience

Your followers have already shown they’re interested in your business, so check out their demographics and see how you might engage with them. This could influence which products you post or even the type of language you use. 

See what works

Try out different ways of presenting your products and see what generates the most likes, shares and comments. You could try using polls, asking questions or letting your followers know what’s in the pipeline. There’s no harm in a little trial and error.

Get creative with your content

Think about posting tutorials or demos, holding live shopping events or even giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business. While product posts are the core of selling on social media, there are plenty of other ways to stand out and make more sales.

Be interactive

Social media is all about interaction. Your followers are more likely to become customers if they feel connected to your brand and what you stand for. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through – authenticity is an important part of building a trustworthy business.

Get social – and get paid

Using social media, you can take your business online without any of the extra work involved in setting up and maintaining a website – while engaging with your customers directly and building your brand. And with SumUp Payment Links, it couldn’t be easier to accept online payments. So, what are you waiting for?

Callum Conway