Patrick, Marketing

In this edition of Meet the Team, we interview Patrick, a member of our marketing department. Read on to learn about leadership, friendship, and what makes Berlin a special city to live in.

What character trait is important in a leader?

“I think what’s really important is being able to get people on your side. Often, we put people who are experts in charge of things, which I think can be a huge mistake because you can end up with someone who’s very good at something specific but is really bad at a number of other aspects of leadership. So, they can kind of lead by example but they cannot necessarily gain the trust or the empathy of the people they’re working with.”

Describe what you do at SumUp.

“The main thing that I do is look after the marketing website, so I work with the frontend team and our designers a lot to make sure we deliver to the site whatever the business needs us to at the time.”

What do you most value in a friendship?

“I guess it would be the ability—when you need to or when you want to—to be able to have a real conversation with someone. It’s being able to kind of switch gears into something that’s a little bit more detailed and in depth.”

What’s your favourite thing about Berlin?

“Compared to other European capitals, anyone can afford to live in any part of the city. In Berlin, you have families, artists, and professionals in the same apartment building or at least on the same street. You don’t have to be earning top tier money to live in the middle of the city; you can live wherever you want.”

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