Cantina Sorres: traditional wine-making using modern payments

Producing wine is about telling the story of the land.

That’s how it’s seen at least by Delia and Laura, the founders of winery, Cantina Sorres, who we got to know this summer.

While respecting the origin and tradition of their wine, the 2 sisters (the Sardinian word ‘sorres’ is translated into ‘sisters’) are forward-thinking in the way they accept payments. Using Payment Links, they can easily manage the sales of their aperitifs in the vineyard from a safe distance.

Located in the area of Romangia, in northwest Sardinia, their vineyard produces wines including Cannonau, a very common grape variety on the island, but one which changes from area to area.

The current business set-up is the result of a family tradition that has been passed down for generations; first started by their grandfather, then handed to their father, until finally in 2013, the 2 sisters decided to start something bigger and export their product abroad. Today they sell in England, Denmark, and are preparing to launch in Switzerland.

"We’ve seen this wine being made by our parents and our grandparents, and we’ve really witnessed how great the quality of the wines being produced in this area is. Watching all of this is how Cantina Sorres was born.”

In terms of their backgrounds, Delia first started to introduce the family’s wine to friends when she was living abroad in London. Incidentally, London was also the place where she first noticed SumUp, too. Laura, on the other hand, studied for a Master’s degree in Wine Business Management in Tuscany to prepare for running the business.

In Sardinia, wine production and tourism represent 2 very important aspects of the local economy. Cantina Sorres decided to combine both in a very interesting initiative: aperitifs in the vineyard.

"We like people to understand where our wine is born. Having a spectacular vineyard, we decided to let small groups explore and taste our wines in their natural habitat."

The philosophy of Cantina Sorres focuses on environmental sustainability and the enhancement of natural resources. Their vineyard is organic, meaning no herbicides or insecticides are used. This is a decision that was made precisely to preserve the health of not only the plants but also the drinkers.

The care for the grapes has become an expression of the territory, where each product acquires its own identity. The wines are presented to a niche audience, which is particularly appealing to those who do not like the standardisation of products.

The sisters run small tours between the rows of vines to allow attendees to learn about the history of the plants, and, every year many tourists participate, fascinated by the tradition of small Sardinian villages surrounded by nature.

"We try to propose conviviality, so we offer people the chance to get to know each other in front of a table, have a chat and enjoy the view over a good glass of wine."

We, at SumUp, were immediately intrigued by the history of Cantina Sorres because of their combination of tradition and innovation. The business immediately presented itself as a company full of passion for its land, accompanied by modern and fresh entrepreneurship.

From the care of their social pages–an important digital, word-of-mouth promotion for their business–to the adoption of a simple modern payment solution, Delia and Laura bring the tradition of their wines to a modern audience, thinking about what their customers' needs are today.

"We do pre-sales and we wanted an easy way to help people book. SumUp has this very simple method which is to use Payment Links. As soon as a customer calls in to book, I immediately send them the link."

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Delia and Laura also share SumUp’s passion for helping small businesses. They encourage and support the small local producers with whom they collaborate. Everything that’s presented on the tables in their vineyard is purchased from growers in their area, with local treats including bread, cheese, and sweets.

Aperitifs in the vineyard may be over as the summer season has now closed, but you can still support Catina Sorres by following their page and keeping up-to-date with their other initiatives.

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