Juliana, CRM

Juliana is currently training at the SumUp HQ in Berlin. During September, she’ll return to Sao Paulo and continue her work in customer relationship management (CRM). We had the chance to get to know her in an interview for our new blog series: Meet the Team.

What do you like about working at SumUp?

“I’ve been working here for two and a half years now, and I just love the environment, the people, and the opportunities. It’s not in every company that you can just travel to a different country to work, and everybody is so nice, and you really feel at home.”

What drives you?

“I actually wake up in the morning every day and try to be better than who I was yesterday. So, basically, I think the answer would be continuous self-improvement.”

Where did you last go on vacation?

“Prague, last weekend. It was my birthday trip. The place actually looks like it’s out of a fairytale. I was in the town square and out of nowhere there was a bunch of guys playing instruments, like really old-fashioned music. You look around and you really feel like you’re Alice in Wonderland or something.”

What character traits do you think are important in a business owner?

“I think—charisma, a bit of political skills, and managing skills. You cannot succeed unless you have people around you who believe in what you’re doing.”

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Christine Lariviere