Food and Yoga Factory: Mobile Business Meets mPOS

Name: Emma-Lisa Forstorp

Business name: Food and Yoga Factory

City: Amsterdam

Year of founding: 2016

“The SumUp card reader is very easy to use and takes all cards which means it is the one and only option if your clients are expats or tourists like mine here in Amsterdam. I always use it at food markets and popups. I love it!" Emma-Lisa, owner of Food and Yoga Factory

What is the concept of your mobile business, Food and Yoga Factory?

Food and Yoga Factory offers services to help create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. My job is to help my clients make healthy decisions for themselves at home, at work, on vacation or wherever they need some extra support and inspiration. To have a mobile business model means I can be more flexible in my work, and it takes me to places where my knowledge is needed.

You state that the factory and its services are ever-changing and evolving to meet the needs of its customers. Why is this important to you?

Flexibility is the core of all development. The constant movement of change and development creates new opportunities, needs and challenges. I work with specific groups or in private sessions as I focus on individual needs. I operate within these roles:

Home chef: Sometimes I get to step into a home to help my clients with their special diets, cooking habits or allergies.

Yoga instructor: In parks or offices I offer yoga classes so it’s easy to join in and treat the body to some beneficial activity.

Nutritional coach: It’s great to give workshops letting people know how to replace bad habits with healthy nutritional ones.

Popup vendor/caterer: At food markets, I love to offer my vegan treats which I also proudly serve when I cater events.

"Did you have one big defining moment when you said, “Aha, yes! I will open my own business.”?

I’ve had the mindset of an entrepreneur since childhood. I have always known I need to be my own boss and I am too creative to only follow directions and demands. It’s important to mention though, that it took me over 10 years to cultivate the foundation and the confidence needed to start building Food and Yoga Factory.

How has having a SumUp card reader helped you given that your business is mobile?

I can get paid everywhere. I can even host a workshop abroad!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Emma-Lisa! We applaud your innovative spirit and are proud to accommodate your business’ payment needs.

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