6 Small Businesses That Master Instagram

A visual representation of your business helps customers and prospects build an emotional connection with your brand, and ultimately, increases customer loyalty. Social networks provide a great opportunity to showcase your business’ products and aesthetic with a global audience.

In fact, it’s an easy way to generate new followers and increase sales. Take a look some of our merchants that are best-in-class and get inspired!

1. Sweetime

Sweetime is a bakery focused on brownies. Based in Bélem, Brazil, they showcase the variety of their sweets on their Instagram profile. With their close-up photos, you can almost smell them sitting in front of your screen!

2. Słodka Przyczepa

Lucky you if you live in Poland! Słodka Przyczepa is a mobile business that focuses on desserts and fresh lemonades. All they need for their mobile businesses is a parking lot for their for vintage caravan, which has been transformed into a cute little bistro. Thanks to their social presence, fans always know where to grab a fresh and healthy drink.

3. Popbangcolour

Ian has become famous for his artwork, which is created solely using the unique method of painting using radio-controlled cars, car tires, and toy car wheels. He’s an avid car enthusiast and a trained artist that sells his art in fairs and via his website. Popbangcolour attracts more than 18,000 followers on Instagram.

4. Juicy Candle

Looking for the perfect gift? Scented candles might be the right choice. Juicy Candle offers a nice selection of colourful candles combined with different flavours. Beyond that, they offer perfumes and decor for your home. Their followers also profit from special discounts that are promoted on their profile.

5. Vintagewerft

Lars creates sustainable furniture using mostly bulk garbage others no longer have use for. Under the brand Vintagewerft, he realises interior goods for private homes and businesses in close cooperation with his clients. Vintagewerft’s Instagram profile is a great portfolio of his past works that easily attracts new customers.

6. Noteka

Noteka sells office supplies for an appealing workplace. On their Instagram profile, followers can be inspired with how a modern and stylish workplace can look. Staying motivated at your workplace can be a challenge and Noteka’s here to help.

Got inspired and want to set up your own Instagram account? Of course, we’d also love to see pictures of your business and our card reader. Make sure to tag #SumUp in your posts and we’ll be more than happy to share your picture on our account!

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Christine Lariviere