5 Ways to Celebrate Euro 2016 with your Staff

Whether you’re a casual fan or a fanatic, the UEFA European Championship has a way of bringing everyone together. For business owners, the tournament presents a great opportunity to boost employee morale through team-building. Take a look at these creative ways to engage your staff.

1. Public viewing

What’s the easiest and most effective way to get your employees excited about the European Championship?—Watching the matches together of course!

Encourage your staff members to wear their preferred team’s kit and assemble together in a common area such as your auditorium, lounge, kitchen or a large meeting room. You can also provide them with stickers, noisemakers, etc. Ensure you have a large enough screen as well as adequate seating so that everyone may watch comfortably. It’s also important to make sure you have the means to live-stream the game.

If you’re having trouble setting up in-house viewing, you can go to a nearby venue that screens the matches, like a pub or a sports club. Plan ahead and make considerations for capacity; this might mean making a reservation.

Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your employees cheering on their favourite teams and share them later in a group email or on social media.

2. Decorate your workplace

Get your staff into the spirit of the tournament by decorating your workplace with flags, banners, kits, photos, balloons, etc. Most local grocery stores and party shops will stock these items.

If you really want to go the extra mile, bake a cake or a batch of ‘eurocupcakes’ frosted with flag colours and footballs. Serve them to your employees during a match viewing.

3. Tipster challenge

Employees can join a friendly ‘betting pool’ where they predict the scores of each match as well as bonus questions such as “Which player will score the most goals?” For a lighthearted tone, have your staff opt in using store credit you’ve provided them with, giving everyone e.g. 10 euros worth. Or, offer the winner an extra day of vacation.

Here’s an example of what the point distribution might look like:

Final result:


Tip examples and points:

0:2 (0 points) 1:0 (2 points) 2:0 (3 points) 3:1 (4 points)

Then, the points earned from all the matches are added together to determine the final winners:

1st place: 50% of pot 2nd place: 30% of pot 3rd place: 20% of pot

4. DIY Euro Champsionship

If you have a large enough staff, you could arrange some football matches after work at a neighbourhood park. Or, as a more casual option, you could organize some table football games at the office or at a nearby venue.

Don’t forget to award your winners some fun prizes, like a homemade trophy, vouchers, and more.

5. Apps

Offer your employees this list of enjoyable football apps:

LiveScore Euro 2016 was created specifically for the European Championship and is one of the quickest live scorekeeping apps out there. Follow every goal, card, and substitution as it happens. The app also offers statistics, team sheets, and more.

The UEFA EURO 2016 has an official app where you can access team details, individual player information, matches, standings, etc. The app also provides video and audio from the tournament.

UEFA EURO 2016 Fantasy app lets you quickly set up and manage your fantasy football team. Make changes to your lineup on-the-go, at work, at home, at the pub—anywhere.

Blog author

Christine Lariviere