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5 Questions with Poptails

Name(s): Cecilia Thomas and Laura Faeh (questions answered by Laura)

Business name: Poptails by LAPP

Type (products and/or services offered): Alcoholic ice pops known as Poptails (contraction of popsicle and cocktail)

City: London

Date of founding: February, 2016

“We started using SumUp this year, as we were taking part in bigger festivals. We needed the option to take card payments and SumUp was just so easy to set-up… I think the ease to use is really what I like the most. There is also excellent customer service and the possibility to have your reports sent to you directly. I like the design of the card reader as well and always have nice feedback from customers when they use it.”

5 questions:

What motivated you to start your own business?

“My whole family is made of entrepreneurs. I grew-up with both my parents having their own businesses and always wanted to do the same. I must say that I also found the right person to do it with: Cecilia who is also my flat mate.”

What challenges did you face when starting your own business?

“One of the biggest challenges at the beginning is to learn how to make decisions, because this is what you do the whole day. The industry of the product we chose was also really challenging. Our product being alcohol and ice at the same time is very complicated. Alcohol is strongly regulated and ice is a nightmare for logistics.”

What about owning your own business makes you feel the happiest?

“It was hard to launch ourselves on this adventure, as it is quite risky and hard work, but now I am very proud of it and it makes me really happy to think ‘I did it’.”

What surprised you the most during the process of moving from employee to employer?

“I have always been a multi-tasker, but never as much as when I became an employer. You need to supervise everything and know everything.”

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start their own business? For those who want to accept card payments?

“Don’t wait for too long, otherwise someone else will do it before you. And for the others: SumUp is great, easy, and will definitely increase your sales.”

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