Step 3: Connect your receipt printer and cash register (optional)

In this section we’ll show you how to connect the SumUp supported Star printer and cash drawer. You can purchase these and other accessories through the SumUp accessories shop

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POS Optional Accessories Contents

G. Star TSP 100 Printer

H. 16” Cash Drawer

I. Ethernet cable

J. Printer power cable

K. Printer USB-A to C cable

L. Cash drawer keys

M. Cash drawer cable

Printer Connection (Optional bundle)

*Ethernet connection optional for LAN (network) printing only - USB recommended

  1. Connect printer USB cable (K) into slot (3) of the printer (G). USB-C side to the printer, USB-A side to the USB hub (C) as noted in the section above.

  2. Connect power cable (J) into slot (5) of the pinter (G).  Power on using the power switch (6)

  3. Optional cash drawer: Connect ‘printer’ labeled side of the cash drawer cable (M) into slot (1) of the printer (G).

Optional: If the printer is shared over the network, connect ethernet cable (I) into slot (4) of the printer (G). It’s not recommended to connect the ethernet cable if the printer will not be shared with other devices.

Cash Drawer Connection (Optional bundle)

  1. Connect ‘cash drawer’ labeled side of the cash drawer cable (M) into slot (1) of the cash drawer (H).

  2. Unlock the cash drawer with the keys (L) during operation

Done? Good job! Then proceed to the next step.

Step #4 – Complete your equipment activation and training