La forma más asequible para que su empresa acepte pagos con tarjeta

Disfrute de las comisiones por transacción más bajas del mercado. Sin comisiones ocultas ni costes adicionales.


Never worry about hidden fees or monthly contracts. Simply pay 2.75% per in-person transaction.

Easy setup

Once your account details have been processed, it only takes a few minutes to get your device set up and ready to transact.


With a new, stronger processor, the SumUp Plus accepts chip, contactless, and swipe transactions in seconds.


monthly costs


monthly costs


Per In-Person Transaction

Since we've had our SumUp Card Reader, sales have increased. The ease of use and portability of SumUp is great. We use it when we go off site for sales, and it's easy peasy. Thank you.
Annie M
The SumUp Card Reader is very easy to use and convenient for my mobile small business. The processing fee is not really high and I haven't experienced any hidden charges. I would recommend this to anyone.
I own and operate a medium sized business and I was in need of a new credit and debit card reader to process all of my transactions. I ordered this SumUp card reader and it was simple to set up and it was up and running within minutes.
SumUp Card Reader is just that easy...insert card into sumup reader then follow the prompts on your phone, So easy to use, anyone can do it without any knowledge of card readers
Jackie Piper
I love this item. My husband has a craft show business. Works great. Two days and our money is in the bank. Also has tech support number if needed.
Sharri B
Recommend to all businesses no matter the size who need to take mobile credit card payments in store or on the go. I love the sleek design of the reader itself and ease of use it makes taking mobile credit card payments 10x easier. Just swipe, chip or tap! The back end dashboard for business owners is very user friendly, and the 2 day payout is super convenient.
Kevin Christensen