Streamline Your Small Business with These 10 Apps

While the pandemic created countless roadblocks for business owners, these past few years have also demonstrated the power of technology. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or taking your first step toward self-employment, there’s plenty of resources to help streamline your business. Tried-and-true platforms like G-Suite or iCloud are great for managing documents and keeping a company on track. The rise of remote work has encouraged the creation of several innovative applications, designed to help teams stay connected at any distance.

If you’re interested in updating your processes and integrating easy-to-use systems that allow you to manage your workflow and hit your goals in the years to come, here are ten apps that can help business owners level up in 2022.

Manage your workflow with Asana

Whether you’re a solo-preneur with multiple clients or the founder of the newest tech startup, Asana streamlines your workflow so you don’t miss important deadlines. Organize your to-do list by project, assign tasks to different team members, and plan your social media content calendar. This one-stop app keeps you organized every step of the way. 

Get connected through Slack

If conquering your inbox feels like a bigger climb than Everest, then it’s time to simplify your internal communications with Slack. This messaging-based app supports all of your chatting needs. Sort channels by topic or direct message your team with any time-sensitive questions. Slack works on both your computer and phone. Plus, with its tailored scheduling feature, you can easily manage your notifications to avoid noisy interruptions when you’re off the clock. 

Keep track of time with Clockify

Take the guesswork out of your timesheet! When managing a small business, Clockify helps you understand when – and where – your team is spending their time. Not only can your employees clock in and out with this app, it’s also ideal for managing multiple projects. Your team can utilize tags and descriptions while accounting for their hours. This insight will help you better understand where time is being spent, so you can streamline your processes for maximum productivity. 

Simplify your transactions with SumUp

When it comes to handling finances, it’s important to keep business transactions simple and straightforward. Whether you’re sending invoices to subcontractors or need a point-of-sale for the front desk, SumUp has you covered. Plus, you can pair the mobile app with the card reader to accept payments from anywhere. Not only is the app efficient, SumUp has the lowest transaction fees. It’s a win-win for both you and your customers. 

Keep detailed notes with Otter

The pandemic forced a lot of businesses to find new methods of operation. Meetings that were once held in the office have moved online to platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. While there are pros and cons to both scenarios, the silver lining of remote meetings is the ability to ensure you don’t miss a single note of the conversation. That’s where Otter comes into play. This AI app transcribes the audio of any conversation and is ideal for turning digital discussions into written content. 

Stay on task with Focus Keeper

If you find your mind wandering during the workday, you’re not alone! While apps like Asana help streamline workflow, staying on task can still be challenging when you’re juggling multiple projects. One way to combat the mental clutter is using the Pomodoro technique. That’s the basis of the Focus Keeper app. By breaking down your time into 25-minute work sprints (followed by 5-minute breaks), your brain is able to zero-in on a few specific tasks to support short-term focus and boost long-term productivity.

Schedule with ease via Calendly

Planning meetings over email often leads to a long back-and-forth exchange. Coordinating multiple schedules can be tedious and frustrating. Fortunately, Calendly fixes this seemingly endless process. Quickly share your availability by setting a custom schedule. This allows others to easily book time without having to exchange a dozen emails along the way. 

Stay fully stocked with SOS Inventory

If you’re running a product-based company, then you understand the need for organized inventory. SOS Inventory allows you to track your orders and manage your inventory. Plus, their in-app notifications alert you to any changes or updates along the way. You’ll never need to worry about whether you’re fully stocked or need to place a new order with this handy app.

Connect with customers through Nimble

Every small business owner knows the importance of customer relationships. When it comes to managing this vital piece of your business, Nimble is your new favorite app. This CRM focuses on building and maintaining relationships, from email marketing to detailed reporting. Nimble takes the guesswork out of connection, so that you’ll never miss another lead. 

Stay Organized with Notion

Organization is the key to success. With Notion, you won’t have to spend time searching through your inbox for a PDF (only to realize it’s been on your desktop the entire time). This home base is ideal for keeping track of your company’s assets, documents, and important links. All you have to do is upload or embed these necessities to your online workspace. Not only will you be able to keep everything in one place, you can also invite team members to collaborate on the project. Think of it as your own personal wiki that grows alongside your business.

Taylor Lhamon