SumUp - Winner of Emerging Payments Award 2017

Excellent Design! SumUp wins Emerging Payments Award 2017

Since day one here at SumUp, product design has stood at the core of our business. Whether it is our stylish and feature-rich SumUp App for iOS or Android, our intuitive merchant dashboard to help you keep track of your business from your computer, or our stylish and handy SumUp Plus Card Reader for the point-of-sale, design thinking has been an integral part of SumUp. The design of our products strongly supports its functionalities and is key to success for us, and ultimately for every business owner using our products.

This is why we could not be more proud to announce to have been rewarded with the Emerging Payments Award 2017 in the category “Best Physical or Virtual Design”. We received this stellar trophy for our SumUp Lite Card Reader—the best-in-class card acceptance device for Chip & PIN, contactless and magstripe payments. We are especially proud of receiving this award as we design and engineer all our hardware in-house.

This honor only motivates us to carry on and continue improving. The SumUp Plus Card Reader is the latest generation of market-leading card acceptance technology that helps businesses to generate more revenue—but it’s surely not the last! Our Hardware Team is steadily working on the next generation of readers, ensuring that our future products will once again stand at the forefront of design and feature usability.

Violeta Pirnog Social Media Manager

Violeta Pirnog