11 Themed Occasions to Bring in More Coffee Shop Customers

Your killer coffee may be enough to keep the customers coming, but a little creative marketing could bring in a new group of regulars. Coffee shops have the unique benefit of building a mini community within their customer base, which is why regulars are such a valuable asset to coffee shop owners—keeping them engaged and coming back for more should be a top priority. 

Coming up with out-of-the-box ideas will not only serve your loyal customers, but consistently entice new customers to try out your cafe. Here are just a few examples of themed coffee shop promotions that are equally fun and profitable.

Open Mic Nights

Open mic nights (or days depending on when you close) are a great fit for the coffee shop environment. Local artists, comedians, and other performers can entertain in an intimate environment, while customers are comfortable spending a couple hours kicking back (and ordering more!). Seek out local talent and you’ll see your regulars AND their fans coming through the door.

Paint n’ Sip

Paint n’ Sip events have experienced a huge boom. And the “sip” of paint n’ sip doesn’t have to be restricted to wine. Plenty of customers will want to explore their creative side while sipping your amazing brews. Reward the best artist of the group with a gift card to keep them coming back for more.

Morning Yoga/Meditation

The statistics don’t lie when it comes to the benefits of yoga and meditation, and they’re the perfect way to start the day—alongside a cup of your scrumptious coffee. Help customers kill two birds with one stone by bringing the yoga/meditation class to your shop. If you have the space to host this relaxing session, guests can unwind, then perk up!

Live Music

Coffee shops are a natural draw for acoustic, jazz, and other classic “coffee shop genre” musicians. Live music creates an uplifting, inspiring environment for coffee shop regulars and newbies to get their culture on while they caffeinate. 

Guest Speakers

Many regulars use their local coffee shops to network, take meetings, and get some work done outside the office. It’s a natural congregation for business people and therefore, a great opportunity to invite guest speakers in any industry to impart some wisdom for your corporate crowd.

Poetry Slam

Get the competition—and creativity—flowing by hosting a poetry slam! If you’re unaware of the phenomenon, a poetry slam is a wildly popular “form of performance poetry that combines the elements of performance, writing, competition, and audience participation.” Invite your local poets to throw down their best and keep their cups filled to keep them on their toes.

Quirky Holidays

Not every occasion needs a celebration, but coffee shops can capitalize on unique “holidays” to promote new menu items, deals, and other marketing ideas. For example, offer a free donut with a coffee purchase for National Donut Day (June 3). Give nurses 10% off for National Nurses Day (May 6). You can plan an entire marketing strategy on quirky holidays alone! See which ones catch your eye here.

Happy Hour

Happy hour isn’t just for the bars. Offer special deals or menu items during the afternoon slump, when people need a little pick-me-up. Your happy hour menu is also a great time to test out different brews and creations to help you determine customer preference, trends, and other important purchasing decisions.

Trivia Day/Night

Regular trivia events draw in impressive crowds at bars, restaurants, and—you guessed it—cafes! While it may take some time to build up your trivia crowd, setting an ongoing day of the week for the event will pay off in time. Reward winning teams with a gift card!

Coffee Pairings

Coffee lovers know that every cup of coffee is unique. Origin, flavor, and varieties of certain brews all offer a different tasting experience, which can be boosted with custom food pairings. Coffee shop owners can collaborate with local restaurants and bakeries to host pairing parties, benefitting both businesses’ crowds.

Bring Your Dog Day

These days, most coffee shops are expected to be pet-friendly. More people became pet owners during the pandemic and many of them are taking their pooch on their daily errands. While you may already allow dogs to dine with your customers, you can still up the ante by offering even more pet-friendly promos, such as dog biscuits, branded bandanas, and more.

Coffee shop competition is steep, and studies show that many coffee shop owners don’t invest in marketing. Make your cafe a cut above the rest by utilizing the above tactics and by partnering with SumUp to get paid. Discover more ways to make your coffee shop shine here

Claire Grady