8 Tips for Christmas Market Success

We were thrilled to learn that each year countless business owners use SumUp to accept card payments at Christmas markets. So, we decided to gather and share ideas on how to successfully manage a seasonal stall. The following are eight useful tips from SumUp customers just like you…

But first—here’s some information about the featured entrepreneurs and the products they sell:

Rutger Visser, Woed: “We design and sell snapbacks made from cork, wooden watches, bowties and sunglasses and handmaid caps from wool.”

Peter & Hetty Koomen, Kiki Lievendel Brocante: “We sell flea market products, so secondhand items.”

Peter Ermers, Dutch Beauty House: “Organic beauty products. Many are made of olive oil, aloe vera and argan oil.”

Priscilla Rolvers, Natuurlijk een gezonde huid: “Natural skin care products and cosmetics.”

What do you do to prepare your stall?

“We use a lot of natural, wintery details: garlands from pine cones, and pine cones to hold the price tags. My products are 100% natural and I believe it’s important to also show this with my decor. I get inspired by a covered Christmas table in a natural setting.” – Priscilla Rolvers, Natuurlijk een gezonde huid

Why did you decide to participate in Christmas markets?

“We already sell a lot via Bol.com and our own web shop. However, we often hear from customers that they would like to see and feel the products first. We also host stands at fairs to get our name out there more.” – Rutger Visser, Woed

Do you have any special tips for boosting sells at Christmas markets?

“Rotate the products in your booth. So, change the view of your booth often and make sure there are no empty spots. To avoid this, we always store extra products under our table.” – Peter & Hetty Koomen, Kiki Lievendel Brocante

How do you approach customer service?

“We have a lot of samples people can use. People can also make an appointment to come pick up products at our home. Now, that’s even easier because we have the PIN+!” – Peter Ermers, Dutch Beauty House

What personal qualities does someone need to work at a Christmas stall?

“Sitting on a chair behind your booth is not enough! Be energetic and greet people who are passing by. I always throw in some humour to break the ice.” – Rutger Visser, Woed

“It’s important to be a bit multilingual: Dutch, German and English really come in handy.” – Peter Ermers, Dutch Beauty House

What is the biggest mistake you can make when managing a stall?

“Acting uninterested and playing with your phone.” – Priscilla Rolvers, Natuurlijk een gezonde huid

What do you like most about working at a Christmas stall?

“The vibe and the cosiness. In some cases, it also gets our name out there more, because the events take place in our own region.” – Peter & Hetty Koomen, Kiki Lievendel Brocante

Blog author

Christine Lariviere