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Business Advice

Top 3 Metrics to Evaluate Your Loyalty Program

Learn how to evaluate the strength of your current or future loyalty program.

SumUp Team

Dec 7, 2022

6 Tips for a Successful Holiday Market

Learn how your small business can make the most of the holiday market season.

SumUp Team

Nov 18, 2022

Get Roasted: Different Coffee Roasts Explained

Learn just how important perfecting your roasts can be.

Kat Melheim

Jun 22, 2022

11 Themed Occasions to Bring in More Coffee Shop Customers

Keep customers engaged and coming back for more with these unique theme nights.

Claire Grady

Jun 9, 2022

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Coffee Shop Decor

Your coffee shop decor sets the tone for your customers' overall experience.

Sam Lauron

May 25, 2022

How to Sell Coffee Before Opening Your Storefront

No storefront? No problem. SumUp’s guide for coffee shop owners.

Claire Grady

Apr 19, 2022