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We know that searching for a new job can seem daunting, so we aim to make our hiring process as clear and straightforward as possible. 

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Photo of SumUp candidate interview - hiring process

Our hiring process


If your profile looks like a good match, we’ll schedule an introductory call to discuss your background and aspirations, and tell you more about the role.


If our initial chat goes well, we’ll invite you to talk in more detail about your skill set and past experiences.


As part of the more detailed assessment, we may ask you to prepare a complete task, coding assignment or prepare a presentation to help us understand how you think.


Finally, you'll be introduced to potential colleagues, who’ll provide a broader picture of life at SumUp, and answer any questions you may have about how we work.

Bar raiser interview

SumUp's hiring process is an essential part of our culture. In addition to experience, skills, and technical expertise, you'll go through an interview with a Founder's Mentality bar raiser - an interviewer from a different team brought in to give an unbiased perspective on your abilities as part of the final interview stage.

We're passionate about finding the right candidates for SumUp, focusing on hiring people who can make a real difference to our mission — to empower small merchants worldwide — this hiring vision is something we all take seriously. The people we hire will have a long-lasting impact on the service we provide for our merchants and the workplace we build together.  

Our core values, Founder's Mentality, We Care, and Team First, are the bedrock of our culture and drive how we operate as a company and team. Founder's Mentality is crucial at SumUp because it is essential to successfully manage the autonomy we strive to create for every SumUpper and team. At SumUp, we want to empower you to act as a founder - making independent decisions that are right for our customers, teams, products and company. 

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Check out these tips from our recruiters on how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

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Find your area

Begin your job hunt by narrowing things down a little.

Engineering & Product

The visionaries creating powerful products and services used by millions of business owners around the globe.

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Banking & Finance

The maestros managing the money matters of our rapidly-growing company.

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These experts ensure that our merchants can completely trust us to process their payments.

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From expertly handling customer enquiries to preventing fraud, these multifaceted teams ensure a first class experience for our beloved merchants.

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Our Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Employee Experience and Employer Branding teams share the ultimate goal of making SumUp one of the best places to work in the world.

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Marketing & PR

Our communications experts devise innovative strategies to grow SumUp’s brand, attract new customers and keep existing merchants excited about our products.

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Sales & Partnerships

These dealmakers, tech gurus, account managers and analysts seek out new businesses to partner with and empower.

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This creative collective ensures that our products are beautiful and intuitive, and that our brand resonates with existing and potential customers. 

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Office Management & IT

The dedicated individuals working tirelessly to create an exceptional working environment for all SumUppers.

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